Our Product

Our Product

Do you have holes in your poured concrete basement wall that leak?

The solution is finally here and available for the handy homeowner in the U.S. who likes the "Do-It-Yourself" concept. Meet the new TRX® Swell Plug, making it easy for homeowners to repair their tie rod hole leaks without the expense of a contractor.

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A quick and easy basement leak repair tool with DIY in mind

Keith Potts and Dean Teaster started on this concept in 1997 and have tested their invention for 17 years with both private and commercial clients. They wanted to create something that would provide a better solution for their customers. After research and testing they invented the TRX® Swell Plug. By making a product that reacts with water, they were able to quickly stop problems, and customers raved.

Since then, thousands of customers across the U.S. have enjoyed this simple repair method that couples the latest patented methods with a water stop concept. The TRX® Swell Plug has received three patents and has been reported on every news agency in America; CNN, NBC, ABC, and Fox News to name a few.