"I had a leak in my basement and did not know the cause. After exploring, I found a hole in the wall. Researched that, and found it was called a rod hole leak. I went to the local Home Depot and they recommended Flex Seal and brought it home and it failed. So I returned and they recommended I try Dry Lock and that also failed. Frustrated I turned to the internet and found a company that makes a plug for that kind of leak. It is called TRX® SWELL PLUG. Guess what? It worked! Followed the easy instructions and enough said, its fixed". -January 2020

I couldn't be happier with the result of the plug and the fast turn-around on my order. I had a rod hole that started leaking and making a mess recently and found your product online. Coincidence that you guys are actually close by in Novi (I'm in Clinton Township). Ordered 5 plugs Tuesday, received them yesterday, and installed one right away last night. Easy to follow instructions, installed with no problem. Just in time, with all the rain we got today! Came home tonight to find a dry basement, with the hole completely sealed and dry. I'm glad I have 4 plugs left as spares in case more holes begin to leak. Thanks for a great product!

Kevin F

I just purchased some plugs and they work great. With the rain we had yesterday, I had one hole pouring out water and I plugged it and it stopped the water immediately, I am so impressed, and ordering more. Just wanted to let you guys know. Thanks


We have been using the TRX® at our cooperative housing complex. It has to be one of the easiest maintenance devices we have ever used here. Awesome we can solve our residents leaks instantly.

Mark K

Thanks again for the excellent causal advice and the recent wall patch. Your insight kept a minor foundational problem from developing into a major repair...The difference between the old hydraulic cement method and your new solution is simply amazing ... what a great idea!


I am so happy today....It's raining cats and dogs and after using your product my basement is NOT leaking thru. This was a tough one because the tie rod leak was behind the side board of my steps. Home Depot had me purchasing sealant and backer rod to try and fix the leak from the outside. You would think that they would be knowledgable as to what my problem was. I told them it was on the side of my house which a new driveway had been put in. Anyway, I googled my problem and came across your product. My son and I watched the video together; so, now he knows what to do if and when it happens at his house. Thank you so much


I am a general contractor and home inspector - I have used the TRX® Plugs for years and love the product!!!


I am a homeowner of 14 years in Novi, I am incredibly frustrated with what has happened in my basement with the tie rod holes. I realize I am not alone with this issue, the more people I speak with the more it amazes me that the poor workmanship of the contractors is a known and accepted practice. Most friends, neighbors and acquaintances all have the same issue - the tie rod holes are pouring water out of them causing severe damage to finished basements. They all do it in time, and if you're one of the fortunate who doesn't have a finished basement the problem isn't nearly as bad.

My basement was finished when I moved into my house, as a new homeowner I had no idea what a rod hole was or the damage they can
cause. I've had to remove over half of my finished basement due to the water damage from the rod holes. The amount of effort and money spent on repairing the holes, replacing the drywall, carpet, trim and all other items related to the damage is overwhelming - especially knowing this can all be prevented if fixed when the basement is poured. This appears to be 100% the fault of the contractor. How and why is this allowed! They are purposely deceiving homeowners knowing the poorly covered holes will leak in time. If this isn't part of the construction budget it should be offered to the homeowners as an additional cost and in writing, that way if they leak and the homeowner declines the work it's on the homeowner. However, in my opinion this should be included in the work.

There is nothing I can do about this now except do the work myself or hire a professional to do it for me. Unfortunately, the cost to hire someone isn't feasible so I am doing the repairs myself.

I have chosen to work with a product called the TRX® plug, I never heard of this and did my research on the internet. The plug is incredibly simple to use. Like most consumers would be, I was skeptical about the plug, especially when listening to contractors who want to charge me substantially more for the repairs. What really helped build my confidence was the owner and inventor of the plug. He came to my home and demonstrated how to install the plug. His conviction and knowledge on basement water leaks was the main reason I decided to try it. I just installed them and don't have years of experience with them, however, I'm very optimistic they will solve my rod hole leaks.

Mike Agrusa

I kept telling my husband that we needed to order the TRX® Plug to fix the leaks in our basement. He kept trying to fix them with corks and cement but that wasn't working. I finally ordered them myself. When they came in the mail I watched the video and decided it looked easy so I put them in by myself. It was so simple and now my husband owes me one.


I manage an apartment complex with 300 units and we have been battling with holes leaking in the cement for years. I found the Trx® online and decided to try them. It is a fabulous product that has made my job so much easier. I will be ordering more.


I just bought my first house last year and I am on a tight budget. Whenever we get a heavy rain I have water weeping thru the cement. I went online to do some research and discovered the water was coming in thru holes that were left from tie rods that are removed after the basement was poured. The TRX® plug I found to fix it really saved me. My basement has stayed dry.


I had Mr Sponge Waterproofing fix some cracks in my basement and Keith also told me I had several tie rod hole leaks. I told him I was on a fixed income and would have to wait to have him come back to fix them. He told me I could order a product called a TRX® Plug and that there was an instructional video on the website. I ordered some and it saved me so much money. I had my son put them in for me. He said it was really easy to do.


Just want to say, your product was very easy to use, just like the video. I am ordering more. I took out a section of my finished basement and currently working on my rod holes. I decided to do all of them. You made it too easy for me not to. I have a quad. I am hoping I don't have the same trouble in my lower level family room like I did in my finished basement. If so, I know who to call. Your product and company is great. Thanks for a quick, easy, and smart solution to my problem. I will be recommending your product to everyone I know.