About Us

About Us

Keith Potts and Dean Teaster started on the TRX® Swell Plug concept in 1997 and have tested their invention for over 20 years with both private and commercial clients. At the time there wasn't an advanced tool to help permanently solve the most common problem they would see in their basement leak repair business and so they got to work.

The TRX® Swell Plug takes the fear out of basement rod hole leaks.

The pair created a plug that seals tie rod hole leaks with simple compression and a water-activated shaft making for a tighter permanent seal. It takes a simple "twist of the wrist", and then the TRX® Swell Plug takes action. A waterproofing contractor is no longer needed for this nuisance leak, customers can do it themselves.

This invention has received three patents and has been reported on every news agency in America including CNN, NBC, ABC, and Fox News to name a few.