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New Patented TRX® Compressed Swell Plug Saves Money in Basement Leak Repair

March 26th – TRX® Compressed Swell Plug, a recently patented product, is saving homeowners thousands of dollars in basement repair costs. With the worst winter thaw in history well underway, homeowners will be spending their money keeping their basements dry. TRX can help reduce costs when repairing the most common cause of basement leaks – the tie rod hole leak.

Last year, the U.S. Patent office awarded the inventors of the TRX® Compressed Swell Plug their patent based on a unique invention of a plug that is a two-stage sealing device. While a cost-effective product was the goal, the inventors also wanted a long-term sealing device. They incorporated a simple device for sealing through compression, and then added a sealing body that is water activated. This unique invention, gives the homeowner maximum protection from water intrusion caused by leaking tie rod holes. They surmised that if water is the problem then invent a device that activates with water.

Poured basement walls are constructed from forms that are held together with rods approximately every 18 inches in two rows. These holes, more often called “rod holes,” are the most common cause for leaking basements. There has never been a product for the homeowner to purchase for this leak condition. This leaves the homeowner with the only option of calling a basement waterproofing specialist. The Do-It-Yourself homeowner can now use the TRX® Compressed Swell Plug and seal all the tie rod holes at a significant cost savings.

Both inventors are twenty- year veteran basement leak repair specialist in Michigan. Their concept began seventeen years ago. They have tested the TRX for many years with in-field usage to solve thousands of rod hole leaks for their service customers. With their long-term field application results of the TRX® Compressed Swell Plug, the inventors concluded that the product was performing as it was designed and decided to offer it to the public.

When visiting their website you can view an easy to do home repair video. The most interesting link shows how the TRX activates with water thru time-lapse. The site provides easy installation instructions, details on the construction size of residential tie rod holes, and conditions when “not to use.” The TRX® Compressed Swell Plug is available at www.trxplug.com.

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